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Introducing this year’s technology 'newcomer' ........... that was known over 100 years ago.

Why is this device the ‘best kept secret when it will save you a MINIMUM of 10% off your electricity bill?

Because only one person stands to gain and that is you the person that pays the bill!

A simple explanation is that electricity is sent to you under ‘pressure’ (volts)
because this is the only way that it can be guaranteed to arrive at a working level to be used by you.
The UK average is around 242 volts, yet all of your household appliances and equipment is manufactured
and will comfortably operate (and therefore have a longer lifetime) at 220 volts.

Applied Link Ltd’s quick quiz of the day:

“who pays the difference between the 242 volts sent and the 220 needed?”

Yes, of course the answer is YOU the user!

Let Applied Link Ltd show you the answer ..................Voltage Optimisation.


Introducing the EnergyAce

EnergyAce utilises next generation voltage optimisation technology to efficiently deliver energy savings of up to 20% on whole site installations & 35% on lighting installations.

EnergyAce deals with thes

e voltage variations to deliver an optimized pure sinusoidal voltage of around 220v, the optimum level at which electrical equipment will function efficiently.

Voltage levels in the UK fluctuate between 207v to 253v the level at which all electrical equipment in the UK is designed to operate although typically, the actual line voltage sits at a level above 236v, EnergyAce deals with these voltage variations to deliver an optimized pure sinusoidal voltage of around 220v, the optimum level at which electrical equipment will function efficiently.

EnergyAce can be installed on the main incoming supply to optimize the whole site, installed on sub distribution boards to target high impact savings or on lighting circuits to optimize lighting only.

Outstanding Unique Features Not Found in Standard – Static Voltage Optimization:

  • Voltage Stabilisation for maximum control & savings.
  • Automatic seamless bypass to ensure correct supply at all times.
  • Allows for finer control of the voltage to ensure maximum savings.
  • Remote programming & control.
  • Changeover Switch included as standard.
  • Small Footprint.

Stabilisation – The patented technology used to stabilise EnergyAce is a unique feature found only in EnergyAce ST which allows for full control of the output voltage irrespective of the input.

EnergyAce ST stabilises the output voltage, simply program for say 220v and the output will be constantly held at this figure to ensure full and maximum savings are achieved.

Automatic Seamless Bypass – A unique feature found only in EnergyAce which allow for the seamless bypass of the EnergyAce in the event of a low volts situation & overload and allows the output voltage to be set at say 220v with the knowledge that irrespective of the input voltage fluctuations (Line Volts), the site will not be put at risk, once the imput voltage has recovered, EnergyAce simply returns to Save Mode.

Standard – Static Voltage Optimization products simply transform the voltage down, a 10% reduction in voltage on input through normal fluctuations in the Line Volts would result in a 10% reduction in output thus risking a low voltage situation, EnergyAce removes this potential problem and gives complete confidence in optimisation of the supply.

Remote Programming & Control - Allows for full control of the EnergyAce from a desk top, anywhere in the world and with the correct user name and password, the EnergyAce can be set up, commissioned, the output voltage adjusted or bypassed at any time and offers real time data to allow for user set alerts via a text message regarding temperature, amps, volts, bypass mode and much much more, this truly is a next generation optimiser with far more features and USPs than the Standard – Static Voltage Optimisation product.

Benefits of EnergyAce ST Dynamically Controlled Voltage Optimization

  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Reduces site demand.
  • Reduces Co2 emissions.
  • Improves power quality.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Dynamically controls the voltage to ensure maximum savings.
  • Dynamically stabilizes the voltage on ST Range.
  • Automatic seamless bypass to ensure correct voltage levels at all times.
  • Installs on the main electrical supply or sub supplies to correct the whole load or individual loads.
  • Remote programming & control.
  • Sizes available from 80A to 2800A
  • Complies with new Energy Efficiency Loan scheme via the Carbon Trust.