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Applied Link’s new generation computer cooling systems change the way data suites are cooled and controlled. We have systems that bring unprecedented levels of energy saving, flexibility, safety and reliability to the whole data centre marketplace.

What we offer:

  • Server rack cooling
  • Rear door heat exchangers
  • CDU’s
  • CRAC units (computer room air conditioning)
  • Free cooling systems
  • Dew point control for precession and trouble free chilled water operation
  • AQUA VAC computer cooling leak prevention system
  • Full end to end project management

Our range of equipment, from 5kW to 2000kW, chillers and air conditioning systems provides excellent quality at a competitive price.

A patented, unique, U.K. manufactured product specifically for server rack cooling. With proven and demonstrable savings in excess of 90%...... meaning a very rapid 'Return on Investment' whilst utilising your existing server racks. In other words a retro fit for the modern World.

Energy Saving is at the forefront of all our systems with free cooling chillers, 100% heat recovery and Turbocor refrigerant compressor systems offering huge money savings and guaranteed N+1 (run and standby systems).

Rear door heat exchangers offer both new and existing customers the advantage of increasing power output on individual racks whilst not affecting the existing or normal air conditioning systems.

Our range of server room air conditioning equipment, including down flow systems, provides precise cooling and humidity control.

We offer a complete design, installation and after sales service for the server data centre sector. Our rear door Coldlogik cooling system and unique leak prevention system (AquaVac LPS) offers the greenest energy efficient solution for rack cooling, data centre cooling or computer cooling with low PUE figures.

Our high density rear door cooling solution compared to the ordinary CRAC system can provide up to 45kW/rack.

Our system can also beat both fresh air cooling systems and CO2 rack cooling systems.

The unique system cools at the point of use compared to in row cooling systems or hot isle and cold isle cooling systems which are inefficient and can only be used up to 12kW/rack without taking up valuable floor space.

Our server cooling system is also compatible with N+1 or N+N requirements.


Should you require any further information, download our brochure here, or please do not hesitate to contact us.