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Perform an easy and inexpensive conversion of your existing T12/T8 fluorescent strip lighting to accommodate the newly developed and optimised T5 generation of light tubes.

Out with the old fat T12's & T8's and in with new energy saving T5 tubes. For a realistic estimation just look up at the ceiling now and count £10 per tube (2ft 4ft 5ft are the most common sizes) saved every year when you've changed to adapT5 and use new flicker free low mercury, energy efficient T5 tubes.

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Adapt to T5 with the safer adapT5

  • True one piece, no extra wiring or external electrical components needed in starter socket.
  • White coated electrically insulated rail for prevention of hazard of electrical shock or injury.
  • Non perilous

Improve your lighting efficiency

  • More efficient warm-up phase and stable, flicker-free illumination during operation.
  • Optimised illumination of the workplace enhances the effectiveness and productivity of your workforce.
  • No perilous 50Hz stroboscopic effect and thus no flickering.

Capitalise on energy savings

  • Customise and improve your lighting through the use of reflectors.
  • Increase the electricity/light-output ratio from 40%-50% to 80%-90%.
  • Energy savings of up to 70% are possible (depending on local and technical conditions).

Benefit from simple installation

  • The adapT5 adapter is easily installed and fitted into existing T12/T8 fixtures.
  • Straightforward removal of the conventional starter, no inefficient bridge needed.
  • Conversion is completed in minutes, with no specialist required.

Always protect your environment

  • T5 tubes contain 38% less glass and phosphorous than T12/T8 tubes and contain only 5mg of mercury.
  • No ray-emission through minimisation of the electromagnetic discharge.
  • Low energy consumption and optimised efficiency lead to less strain on energy resources and a reduction in CO2, SO2 and NO2.
  • No PCB emission, thereby anticipating new, future compliance.

Benefit of cost efficiency

  • Minimal installation costs.
  • No downtime during installation.
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs through much longer use life of T5 tubes with the adapT5 adapter.
  • Elimination of the conventional starter.
  • Optimal lighting conditions reduces visual strain, improving overall productivity levels.
  • More efficient use of energy and improved lighting standards.

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